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Three New Ministry Tools I Can't Live Without


I am a busy leader.  

Kicking Monday in the face requires having the right tools in my tool belt.

Here are three new ministry tools that I LOVE and I cannot live without:


  1. Evo - I have tried every organizational tool on the planet to no avail: Google Cal / Planners / Writing on My Hand... Nothing worked.  Then I discovered Evo - this is a gamechanger! 

    Evo Brain Types
    What makes Evo different is you first take a free Brain Type assessment that helps you understand your brains natural rhythms (I tested out as an Explorer -- spot on!)

    Then you download the free Evo App and get your Brain Type's Evo Planner

    It.  Is.  Amazing. 

    My Evo Planner tells me exactly WHAT to write WHERE plus my App scans each day's writings to better assist me in being the best me possible!   

    The only negative is Evo's clunky website -- It looks like something from the Dharma Initiative on LOST.


  2. Breeze - Our church was recently named the 11th Fastest Growing Church in America.  We have a LOT of guests who come through our doors across 4 worship experiences.  Tracking and connecting with guests is a huge hurdle.  We've tried software like Fellowship One (confusing and clunky), Planning Center (better, but still hard for volunteers to navigate), etc.

    Enter Breeze.  I have a hunch that Breeze was developed as a start-up from a Planning Center ex-employee -- it is very similar, yet WAAAAAY more easier for volunteers to navigate, more intuitive, and 75% cheaper than Planning Center.


  3. Aplos - Clumsy name (sounds like a disease) with outstanding service.  Aplos is Life Church's new accounting service with industry-leading online finance management tools plus a personal off-site Bookkeeper that creates robust integrity for our donors. 

    Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 1.06.01 PM
    Our bookkeeper is Miguel -- super cool guy who has patiently walked us step-by-step through a process for creating stronger accountability and systems inside our Finance Department. 

    Aplos easily links with Gusto for payroll services and I can't speak highly enough of these ministry tools.



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