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Top 5 Leadership Lessons I Learned While On-Staff at NewSpring Church

I love Perry Noble.
  God has used him in my life as a friend, a coach, a cheerleader, and once as a boss.


You see, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was on the Senior Management Team at NewSpring Church

I loved that team, I continue to have a strong loyalty toward Perry, and I learned a TON while serving on staff under him.

Recently I was reflecting on my time in Anderson, South Carolina and came up with the Top 5 lessons that stretched and shaped me as a leader:


5.  Work Hard Together, Play Hard Together - Church-work is passionate business - - we're a rescue organization with eternity on the line!  That's why it's important for team members to enjoy each other.  It's not about a job; it's about doing life together.  My fondest memories at NewSpring were the random silly moments in hallways and hanging out together at someone's house watching LOST.  


4.  Loyalty is Everything - Relationships are built on trust which is expressed through loyalty.  One thing I loved about that season at NewSpring was their strong sense of loyalty to one another.  Loyalty means I have your back no matter what - - if I see a truck coming your way, I give you a big heads up.  Loyalty produces staff confidence which in turn fuels bigger steps of faith together.  If loyalty is broken on a staff, I guarantee you that the team will whither and disband.

Case in point: the 1998 Chicago Bulls team.  They were championship-caliber with back-to-back threepeats in the NBA.  Sadly, upper-management (the two Jerry's) said some dumb things in the press and made some amateur moves.  This quickly broke the Bulls' (and public's) trust.  Within a year, their all-star team of players like Jordan, Pippen, Rodman had all disbanded.  Disloyalty hijacked the vision and broke the team apart.  It took Chicago over twelve years to recover from that fiasco.


3.  Boring Inspires No One - Life-change is stunted in a church if everyone's drowsy.  It's OK to be creative in presenting biblical truths (just like Jesus!).  God is creative, we are made in His image, so when we are creative, it's an act of worship!  It's hard to create momentum with boring.  As I've said before, Boring Preachers Can Actually KILL You!


2. Open-Handed with Other Leaders - Perry always encouraged us to be completely open-handed with other church leaders.  I love that!  There is NO competition/jealousy/insecurity between churches (and if there is in your church, its a reflection of your leadership's hearts, not God's heart!)If we all love Jesus and serve the same King, can't we learn to like each other and share what the Spirit gives?  Whether it's sharing techniques or leadership tips or ideas, I still strive to do ministry transparently and in a posture of humility.


1.  Family First - Most important of all, Perry has always ingrained in me that I can always get another church, but I can never get another wife and kids!  When it comes to my schedule, my family will always win.  If they call my cell, wherever I am, even if it's a big meeting, I answer the phone.  My wife and kids need to know that they always, always come first. 


I love inspiring and pouring into church leaders!


That's why I formed the Fearless Leadership Network.

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Bill Murray on Church Start-Ups


Part of Bill Murray's appeal is he's one of us.  

He says what we're all thinking.  

No baloney, just the truth layered in irony (which always helps the truth go down).

When you try to act or speak like a professor, people are turned off and tune out.  If you fail to connect, you create a barrier to the gospel. 

Jesus said, "Feed my sheep," not "Feed my giraffes."  

Sheep eat close to the ground, not high in the trees.

If you get unchurched people sitting in your auditorium, and you walk up to preach, they are not thinking, “Oh, good, here’s the dispenser of Bible truth!”

They’re not thinking, “I just hope he’s a good expositor of the Word.”

No, they’re thinking, “Who is this guy?  Do I like this guy?  Could I hang out with this guy?”

If the answer’s no, it doesn’t matter if you are the Bible dispenser and a good expositor of the Word, because they’re not gonna listen, and they’re not gonna come back.  

But if the answer’s yes, then you will open that person up to you dispensing Bible truth to them, and you could have lots of opportunities to teach them the Word.


Watch Bill Murray in the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters.  
This is not a movie about chasing ghosts; at its core, Ghostbusters is about the journey of a couple regular guys starting a new business.  
Ghostbusters is an allegory for 21st Century church planters: starting something from scratch, the hurdles in creating sustainable models, with a touch of the supernatural and a good dose of sarcasm.
And who does everyone remember from the film?  
Bill Murray.  
He would make a great church planter.

The Secret Sauce of Leadership: My Talk from the 2019 Outreach Summit

I had a BLAST sharing about what God is doing at the church I love, partying with Chris Farley, PLUS how EXCITED I was to open for LEE STROBEL at the Outreach Summit!

Jonathan Herron is the Founding and Teaching Pastor of Life Church Michigan, the 11th Fastest Growing Church in America (Outreach Magazine, 2019).

Jonathan says the two main ingredients to church leadership in the 21st century are laughter and love.

Laughter because comedy clubs are packed and our pews are empty; using the principles of improv-comedy can help church leaders unleash authenticity and the love of Christ.

Is Your Church Terminally Ill?


Too many American churches are terminally ill.

It breaks my heart to see church facilities closing their doors in alarming numbers.

Jesus loves the church and gave His life for the church.

When it's healthy and vibrant, the local church can be an incredibly beautiful movement of changed lives.


It's time to get UnStuck.

Like all living things, every local church has a life cycle.

Understanding where your church is leads to the first step in getting unstuck:

God is in the Resurrection Business

You don't need another long blog post about identifying your church's problems.

The life cycle above does all the talking.

You need solutions.

And I believe God has raised you up for such a time as this.
(Bill Murray)

Become a Fearless Leader

According to Outreach Magazine, I have a front seat one of the Fastest-Growing Churches in America.

Working together, we will shatter your church's growth barriers at the intersection of laughter + leadership!

You didn't get into ministry to preside over a funeral...
I believe your heartbeat is to help pioneer a movement of God in your region!

Together, let's see what God can do through you.

10 Ways to Succeed with Zero Talent

  1. Be on time.
  2. Show up and do the work.
  3. Give your best in all you do.
  4. Brim with contagious enthusiasm.
  5. Don't bring problems; bring solutions.
  6. Do everything with passion.
  7. Be coachable.
  8. Do more than is required.
  9. See a need? Fill the need.
  10. Be willing to do whatever it takes!