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Our Unexpected Adoption Story


Five months ago our lives were interrupted with crazy amazing news:

The birthmother of our (then) youngest contacted us asking if we would ADOPT her newborn infant baby girl!


We had always dreamt of having one more little baby girl, but we had no idea how that would happen due to the sky-high costs of adoption combined with our stage of life.

Never allow your circumstances to dictate your destiny. God is BIGGER than your roadblocks!

Our mad-dash to come up with thousands and thousands of dollars for this unexpected adoption led to a bunch of cool new stories like this one:



'Never allow your circumstances to dictate your destiny. God is BIGGER than your roadblocks!'

— Jonathan Herron


Fast-forward five months and things are going GREAT:

Our children ADORE their baby sister and Alysia Hope is happy, healthy, and fully-bonded to her Mommy and Daddy!


We are blown away by the support of our church family. They really stepped up and came alongside us during this insanely-stressful season of quick change.



Every adoption story is different, with many twists and turns in the areas of emotions and legal milestones.

Thankfully, we have an open and healthy relationship with Levi and Alysia’s birthmother — she is an amazing young woman who made an extremely loving plan for her children’s lives.

Our stories are now forever linked and intertwined,
and we are the better for it.



The final legal milestone takes place TOMORROW!

We’ll get the kids out of school before lunch, road trip across the High Five State, walk into a Grand Rapids courtroom, and celebrate as the Judge signs the Adoption Finalization Paperwork that grants Alysia Hope the permanent last name: “Herron!”


THANK YOU ALL for your prayers, your support, and your kindness.

The past five months have been lighter because of you.

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