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Apps for the Busy Leader

If you're a leader, you are busy.  When you're leading a healthy organization, things are popping and growing.  Growth creates complexity which requires simplicity.

For what it's worth, here are front row App's that create simplicity in my life:

Photo- Note: simple, elegant, and with a simple swipe woosh! it sends my thoughts to my inbox.


- PCO: We don't have a central office for Life Church Michigan.  Enter Planning Center Online.  This app keeps me synced with our team.


- Google Maps: All the other map app's get me lost in a lake.  This one rocks.


- Cobook: All my contacts across iCloud, Facebook, and Gmail are synced in one place.  Brilliant.


- Clear: To-Do Lists just became fun again.


- Mailbox: Where have you been all my life?!   I LOVE Mailbox.  This new little app just changed my life.  I go to bed every night with a clean inbox.