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Photo Essay: Our very 1st Baptisms at Life Church Michigan

Wow -- today we baptized folks from ALL OVER: Reese, Bay City, Midland, Millington, Saginaw, Caro... We are reaching our REGION for Christ!!

(click any pic below for larger image)

IMG_0009   IMG_0017   IMG_0010   IMG_0105IMG_5400   IMG_0107   IMG_5405   IMG_5406

IMG_5417   IMG_5436   971103_642111165803614_139170011_n   IMG_5450

IMG_5465   IMG_5478   182874_10200634094833932_340446099_n    IMG_5498

  IMG_5515   IMG_5516   IMG_5529   IMG_5541

IMG_5543   249184_642118572469540_304550021_n   971924_642109462470451_1505403483_n

On a personal note,
Amber and I couldn't help thinking back one year ago today:
30 people gathering at a golf course to learn more about our new church start-up.  

Exactly one year later we were holding our NINTH weekly worship service with 165 people gathered to celebrate a child dedication and THIRTEEN baptisms -- wow!!

Only God.


Adam Downer

Great morning, praise God!

Krystle Rajewski

Such a monumental day for our family!!!

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