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"God causes the growth"



WOW - this past Sunday we saw our 2nd biggest crowd EVER at Life Church.




Our new church is only six-weeks-old and already over 200 people are calling us their home church.  It just takes my breath away, especially knowing that the average church plant in America does not break 100 people in attendance during its first four years.


As I shared during our Life 101 workshop, what we are witnessing at Life Church is remarkable when you consider that we don't have a big mother church funding us and we weren't given a bunch of people from another church...


Those who have been following along on our fun little journey here know that Life Church started with nothing.  Nothing.  You might even say that the odds were stacked against us.  And yet God is pouring His gracious favor upon us, entrusting us with people from across the Great Lakes Bay Region, and we're just trying to hang on for the ride!


My job was to plant the seed, and Apollos was called to water it. Any growth comes from God, so the ones who water and plant have nothing to brag about. God, who causes the growth, is the only One who matters! - Paul in 1 Corinthians 3


I am thankful, humbled, and excited about what lies ahead for Life Church!


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Patton Oswalt's Epic Star Wars Filibuster: A Leadership Lesson

This.  Is.  Awesome.

This 8 minute+ filibuster for a scene in NBC's Parks and Recs was entirely improvised in one take by Patton Oswalt.  You must watch this:

The leadership take-away?

Improvisers (comedians who create comedy on-the-spot) must read widely.

Reading widely equips you to think on your feet faster. 

Its a time-tested secret of all the finest comedians: read widely.

Reading widely enabled Patton Oswalt to create an epic movie-pitch non-stop for over 8 minutes, weaving together a priceless monologue on Disney, Star Wars, The Avengers, and X-Men.  

Leaders that read widely are better equipped in the heat of the moment to take action.

Want to be a better leader?  

Take a page from comedians: read widely.

Hey Life Church!


Three things I needed to share with you today:

1)  People Far From God MATTER to God!

We will do ANYTHING short of sin to reach people who don't like going to church!  So far we're seeing God's favor and blessing upon our efforts with 27 brand new Christ followers in just 5 weeks of weekly worship services!!

IMG_9638   IMG_9662   IMG_9656

2)  Found People FIND People!

WOW -- this past Sunday was INCREDIBLE as we saw our second-largest crowd EVER (amazing for a 5-week-old, start-from-scratch church on a non-holiday)!!  We actually filled the Recital Hall and will be moving our services next door to the larger 500 seat theater this coming Sunday!

Your invites on Facebook and constant asks are leading into people checking out Life Church, encountering Christ, and lives being changed.  Don't give up -- I Love the 80s continues for two more weeks -- bring that "child of the 80s" with you this Sunday!!


3)  Saved People SERVE People!

IMG_9663Our volunteers are my heroes!  Seriously, Life Kids jumped to 33 kids this past Sunday while Life Junior saw 14 mini-mes... amazing!  

To better steward the children God is entrusting to our care, we will be rolling out an improved check-in process along with additional workers in the coming weeks.

We have momentum and the excitement is going viral!  The BEST way to jump into the action at Life Church is to join us THIS Sunday immediately after our 11am worship service for our very first LIFE 101.  It's a casual environment featuring a FREE catered lunch, hearing about our vision and plans, live Q&A with Jon and Adam, and the opportunity to take the next step in serving at Life.

IMG_9661We've opened up additional spots for LIFE 101 and will cap it at 100 seats -- you may register HERE to ensure your spot (and lunch!) this Sunday.

And yes, we WILL offer complete childcare -- just feed your kiddo lunch quickly, then we'll usher them to a fun zone!  Register for LIFE 101 HERE!


Whew!  Only 5 weeks old and already experiencing growing pains!  I love my church!

Why Yes, We Opened Easter Sunday with Huey Lewis

Easter Sunday we went back to the future with this 1985 classic.  It was a BLAST!

...and it was strategic.  At Life Church, there is always a WHY behind everything we do!

Why Huey Lewis?

1)  It got people to uncross their arms.  You see, as long as someone's personal force field is up, they will not be open to the message.  Until someone is environmentally-secure, they will not become theologically-aware.  If we can get a guy laughing, we can get him that much closer to experiencing God's grace.  My motto is Humor over Hammer.


IMG_52922)  Church should be a party, not a funeral!  An empty tomb provokes celebration and laughter and joy, not dourness and quiet.  Christ came to start a movement, not build a stoic monument!  

And by the way, as I talked about Sunday, Jesus didn't throw ROCKS; He threw PARTIES!  Jesus did not walk AWAY from people because He was too busy walking TOWARD them!  

Check out Matthew 9, John 2, and Luke 19 for more!


3)  "Power of Love" set up our new message series perfectly.  Adam Downer is the man.  I believe in him and I'm in awe of the band that God has brought together from across the MidMichigan region.  I mean, seriously, that guitar solo was sick!  

Under Adam's leadership, I cannot wait to see hear experience their worship leading potential in the months and years ahead (think about it -- they've only played together three times and already melt our faces off!!).


This coming Sunday, count on more 80s goodness (hint: think Breakfast Club!) and the BEST hour in your kids' week!  

Let your friends know and bring some pals with you to church... you won't regret it!


My interview with Vince Antonucci on the Cannonball Podcast

Vince_Antonucci_Cannonball_PodcastVince Antonucci is my special guest on this month's edition of the Cannonball Podcast!

Vince is the founding pastor of Verve Church in the heart of Las Vegas and author of three awesome books.

Vince is also a mainstage speaker at the Vault Midwest Conference this May in Michigan.


Listen as Vince unpacks:

  • lessons he learned as a stand-up comic in Vegas
  • why you need to ignore the vulgarity and study Chris Rock 
  • the rhythms of how to deliver comedy
  • navigating ministry as an introvert
  • how to transition out of a church and not pull a Jay Leno
  • the creative process in reaching people far from God

Grab it now: Cannonball Podcast on iTunes  |  Cannonball on Facebook