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My favorite post ever. :)

Adrianne Brown


Congrats daddy-o :) :) :)

Jamie Wilson

I'm so excited for you guys!
Love you guys!

Sara Eremia

Yay!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Amy Ames

Congratulations!!!! We can't wait to meet little Ainsleigh Grace. So very happy for you.

Jennifer Yearout

Congrats to you guys!

Excited to meet my new niece!

Kelly Clark

What a beautiful baby girl! I'm a little jealous though, I have to wait 9 more weeks to kiss on mine :D

Steph Jabbour

Oh my gosh! That is so exciting and wonderful!!!

Congratulations to you and Amber!!!

I just love love love little babies :)

Jamie Wark

YAY!! Congrats, I can't wait to meet her!

Dave Pinckney


Stacy Zbytowsky

Love, love, love

Trish Taylor

How amazingly awesome!!!!!

Kelly Clark

Congratulations! Girls are SOOO different from boy - consider this your warning :D

Tammy Wark

Congrats to all of you. I am so very happy for your family. Can't wait to see her.

Mary Chuhay

CONGRATS!!! What a beautiful family God has created in you!

Melanie Williams

So happy for you guys! I bet Josiah is happy too!

Jen Weir

so happy for their beautiful blessing !!! Congrats

Chris Fritz

Congrats Im so happy for you and your family this is great.......

Amanda Farnum

So awesome! I'm so happy for you guys! She'll make a great addition to your family full of love :-)

Miranda Yearout

I'm very happy for you guys :)

Amy Curtis

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you; I just love babies!!! And I have two girls so if I can help in any way there plz let me know. Such a blessing for you guys. I'm so happy for you all. Enjoy your newest addition ♥ ♥

Joe Beedle

Congrats to your family ;-)

Marcy Brinkman

Congratulations! She is beautiful! Will pray for you all.

Angel Ozbat

My heart is def smiling u guys!

Jessie Dunham

so happy for you and your family...girls are so much fun!

Craig Hodges

WOW!! How awesome! Congrats!!

Joe Sangl

Praise God!

I am so excited for you!!!!!

Beth Marshall

So happy for you guys, Jonathan!!

Tricia Phillips

Congratulations Herron family!! What a beautiful little blessing that will change your life in big ways! :)

Lacey Budry

She is adorable! And I second my sister.... Girls are very different lol prepare yourself for some diva drama! But the love they pour out is amazingly sweet and makes up for the attitude. ;-) congrats guys. The Lord has truly blessed you

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