Jonathan Herron: Happy Birthday Jon!

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Tom Hogsed

Happy Birthday, Jon! Thanks for encouraging me when we were new in our church plant here in Ohio. Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday Jon
We miss you back here in Ohio! Hope you have an awesome birthday! God bless!

Tammy Nicol

I’m constantly encouraged by the messages on Sunday mornings! I was among his first group of “oreos” a year ago and I’m glad I received baptizimo by Pastor Jon. His honesty and openness about his own struggles (Jonah) allows me to forgive myself for my own shortcomings…on a daily and yes, sometimes hourly basis.

THANK YOU Pastor Jon and may you continue to be blessed everyday as you have blessed so many of us.


Phil Whipple

Happy Birthday Jon.
I appreciate the work that you are doing there at Colwood. May God continue to bless you and the ministry that He has entrusted to you to lead.

Amy Ames

HaPpY bIrThDaY 2 UuUu meeeoooww mEEEEoWWW. HaPpY bIrThDaY 2 UuUuUuUuUu meeeooooow reow reow. HaPpY bIrThDaY dEaR pAsToR jOnnnn MEEEEOOOOWW. HaPpY bIrThDaY 2 UuUuUuUuUuUuU mEoWwWwWwW. This is the out of tune but very sincere song being sung at the Ames home today. If you stick your head out your window you may just be able to hear us. Hope you have the best year ever. We appreciate all you do to help build our spiritual selves. Love, Ralph, Amy, Nicole, Snickers & Schweeny

Teresa Fritz

Jon, u are a great pastor! I love how u are always thinking of the lost! We hope u have a great b-day ! love the Fritz’s.

Ryan Engelmann

Jon is the MAN! I cant wait to see where God takes Colwood too…Happy Birthday big guy. Your doing great things, dont pay attention to the people that want to be cuddled at church and get mad because the parking lot was full and they couldnt park in there “regular spot”…(not that that really happened) but you know what I’m talking about. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica Betts

Jon we hope your birthday is wonderful! You are an awesome pastor and it’s soo exciting to see your passion every week—and if you’ve had an “off week” it sure hasn’t shown since you came to colwood! God is doing great things here in Caro and Jon, Amber, and the whole staff should be very proud of what you all are putting into the Lords kingdom! God creating all of the new ideas in all of you are what is bringing people here to colwood and then to Him! Praise Him—and Thank you!!

The Betts’ Family

Teresa Davis

Wishing Jon a Very Happy Birthday and A Wonderful Day!! Where do I begin and letting you know how much you mean to me. I started attending one year ago last month and have not missed a Sunday since. When I first heard you speak, I was blown away. Every Sunday is so uplifting for me and the joke around the house is Sunday gets me through till Wednesday and that you should have service on a Wednesday to get me through till Sunday. haha! This is how much you have helped me. For Christmas my family and I are not exchanging gifts with each other as we have always drawn names and so on. We our giving our hearts and time to serving and doing for others. We will be helping at a soup a kitchen in Saginaw and making blankets for the Lynnos group. The Lynnos blankets I do believe go to hospitials, families that lost their homes to a fire and funersl homes. I’m not rich and can’t just write a check and give to some charity, but my heart and hard work is just as good if not better. God has helped me see with your help, that Iam truly blessed. So don’t let the negative stuff get you down, you make a difference everyday and for that Iam so thankful for you!!! We are all Messy People and some of us don’t like change. I love change and Colwood is doing some amazing things for us all and specially for our young folks. You’ve brought me out of the dark and showed me the light. Thank You Jon!!

Sarah Smiles

Happy b-day to my first nephew! You were both devious & darling as a little boy...hiding my car keys when you were 4 yrs. old and pouting at my wedding reception at age 6 because you didn't know how to dance! Bet you can dance now. Enjoy your big day.

Your Crazy Aunt Sarah

Mike Pattullo

Thank you, thank you, thank you for responding to God's call in such a passionate way. Please use all this encouragement to brings us more of your "had to be there" messages. Can't wait till next Sunday. Happy Birthday Jon.

Carmell Pattullo

Happy Birthday Jon. Thank-you for spurring me to grow in Christ. Calling me to change and helping me to see Jesus everyday. Can't wait to see see what God will do. Enjoy your day. Carmell

Jason Salamun

Hey Jon! Thanks for the encouragement. I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and unicorns! :)

Dave Whittaker

JON, NEVER lose sight of what God has called you to. You are a true leader and have a wonderful vision for Colwood. Being a leader certainly can be challenging at times, but keep looking up and God will continue to bless and direct you. Detractors and petty things will always be a part of being a leader. A word of advice from an old lumberjack….sometimes it’s a good thing to have a thick skin and keep your eyes on the goal!!


happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to jon.. happy birthday to you!!

i hope your birthday is the best day ever!! :D we all love you and are all glad your here at colwood!!


Jolene Tobey

Happy Birthday, Jon,

It is so great to hear how much your ministry here at Colwood has impacted new believers. But, I want you to know that you have also impacted us long-termers! Just keep following God’s lead, and He will do His part!


The Cybulskis

Happy Birthday, Pastor Jon and thank you for sharing the wisdom God has given you..We praise God for bringing you to Colwood. You have a beautiful family. This Thanksgiving you are at the top of our list of things we are MOST THANKFUL for!!! Enjoy your day! Ron, Bonnie, and Tiffany

Sharon Herron

We are so blessed to have you as our son -- you have brought us tremendous joy -- love you always - God bless & keep you in His care, Love, MOM & DAD

Lisa groth

Happy Birthday Jon! I want you to know how special you are to my family. Colwood is the first church my family as a whole has ever attended and it is because of you! When I had surgery in July I couldn't drive myself to church so my boyfriend I've been with for 14 years and have two children with drove me to church and stayed through service and he has been a regular attender ever since. He had a bad experience as a child and I could never get him to go to any church with me. This fall you Baptize all of us myself, Eric, our daughters Katiana and Dayze. You speak Gods word to us with love and excitement and everytime we come to Colwood we feel like we're going to visit our family and celebrate Jesus and learn about Him and Gods word not morn Him. For as long as I live no matter where life takes me and my family you and Colwood church will always hold a special place in our hearts so from all of us Thank you! Happy Birthday! With lots of love! Lisa Groth Eric Slavens Katiana and Dayze Slavens

Lola Flores

Happy Birthday Jon, Im so happy you are here in the thumb that God brought you to us here at Colwood, You are making a difference in this place. You give us messages to help us all grow as a christians. We are very lucky to have you and your family. Cant wait to see this next year unfold. God Bless you Jon.

Jonathan Herron

THANK YOU, everyone! Truly appreciate your love and encouragement!

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