Jonathan Herron: Man Series Reflex, wk 1

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Sherri Hoy

Wow, what a great message today!! Great job, Jon. The statistics just blew my mind. Still trying to wrap my mind around those figures. And the music…I think you can redeem your man card punch, for today Dan!!!

Tammy Nicol

I loved the passion in the message and it's a blessing to me to be a volunteer!

Mike Patullo

Awesome worship today. Jon is on fire. Did anyone else notice him thumping the bible? Can’t wait till next week. We asked our grown kids to listen to the pod cast.

Poor Dan. How was he supposed to know that Kraft changed the MW jar to left hand thread. I think it’s a conspiracy. No excuse for the tweeney ring tone.

Tricia Phillips

Sunday was incredible from start to finish! Pastor Jon BROUGHT it with a capital B!! Awesome!!!!

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