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I know their hearts are in the right place, but some of the comments regarding Emmanuel's race are troublesome. Color blind - not good. Color aware - necessary. And what Mac said about being suprised about his skin color and not sure it would work? Ummm....ouch. I understand that he could feel that, but I don't know if he is thinking about the child when he says that in public. Again, I know they are trying to do a good thing, but there seems to be an educational piece about transracial adoption missing here.

Jon, we haven't met. I'm the Dir of Creative Worship and Drama at Emmanuel Community UB in Fort Wayne. Congrats on your new position...I was thrilled to see your theatre background and then I hit your blog and saw the video from Catylist on adoption. I don't know if you've adopted or are considering it, but let me reiterate the Catylst challenge to consider. My wife and I are two weeks away from adopted our second child and it had changed our lives. I didn't really understand God as Father until I adopted. I never understood His love until I adopted. Thanks for the link...look forward to reading more and hopefully meeting at some UB thing...

Jonathan Herron

Good thoughts, Heidi. I watched it a second time and you're right on everything!

Thanks for your input, Sam. Click the "Adoption" link at the bottom of my post for more of our adoption journey.

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