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Phriday is for Photos | 07.25.09

Great week speaking - God showed up and the result was changed lives among north Michigan teenagers. 
We had over 40 students pray to receive Christ!

You can see some videos here.

Made some new friends with the traveling band Reilly - really hope we can serve at an event again together soon.

Along the way this week, we snapped some pix - - more can be found on my Flickr.

We traversed Tatooine looking for Sand People.
Alas, they remained hidden.
But I did see Old Man Ben Kenobi.

Camp 09 849


And proof that Josiah is learning to be a little comedian:
"Water...  I need water..."

Phriday is for Photos: Guest Edition

Amber here confiscating Jonathan's blog!  Hee.  Hee.  Enjoy!

Josiah catches a fish at the annual fish hunt.  It's a toss up to name the fish Cameron or Nemo, but Nemo wins out in the end.  Unfortunately Nemo dies within 24 hours and goes to the fishbowl in the sky.  Poor Nemo.

DSCF4476 DSCF4481 DSCF4484
Josiah takes over the large motorized vehicles at Touch A Truck!

Momentum 2009

IMG_0619 The team behind Momentum Youth Conference 2009 is knocking it out of the park!  The venue at Pittsburgh's Robert Morris University is great and FEE is, well, FEE (more on my Twitter).

Loved sharing from the mainstage this morning and breakouts continuing into tomorrow.  Amber & I got to spend time over lunch with some potential Pennsylvania church planters - just encouraging them to pursue God's call without apology, get some training, and hang on for the ride of their life!

For what its worth, here is the description of my breakout sessions from the Momentum conference booklet:

In a free-ranging conversational style, students will get a Google Earth-view of the New Testament.  From the historical reality of Jesus of Nazareth to the passionate explosive-growth of the early church movement, students will be engaged by how the Gospel intersects with their 21st Century technology-driven lives.  More info at

Phriday is for Photos

Child of the 80's
And yes, when you put 2 quarters in, it played the theme song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 
Heroes in a half-shell!

Caption for my little nephew Cameron:
"I'm outta here!"

This past Independence Day we took Josiah to his 1st fireworks display.  I captured the look on his face the moment they began - a combination of fear, disgust, and sheer awe:


And finally, remarkable for an iPhone snap: