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Memorial Wknd Pix


54321 on the odometer. 
C'mon, if you had a camera handy,
you would have snapped a pic of your odometer too!



Josiah enjoying cake with Grandpa Jack.

Mmmm...  pudding cake...


One of the more creative gifts for 1st time guests:
  - practical use
  - reminder for guest to return
  - free advertising in parking lots

3 Thoughts about San Diego

IMG_0298 1.  Our connecting flight was in Chicago.  I discovered a dinosaur at O'Hare. 
Because my two-yr-old loves dinosaurs, Amber snapped this pic. 

It will definitely raise my cool-factor with Josiah. 

Because I found a dinosaur.

2.  The international flair of San Diego was everywhere
Take for instance my complimentary on-flight beverage: Coca-Cola. 
Click the pix:
IMG_0302 IMG_0301

IMG_0314 3.  In the midst of interviews, tours, & tours,
we did carve out a half hour to walk the Naval Bay by San Diego's airport. 
I love California in May.

I love my kid

IMG_0297  Josiah discovered Disney's Oliver & Co this week.

Whenever the Dodger dog comes on-screen to sing,

Josiah grabs his sunglasses to sing along.

And its cool that Billy Joel provides Dodger's singing voice.

Double bonus.