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February 24, 2011



"How is it that it never occurred to me that infertility could also disappoint my child?"
That breaks my heart. You are right - Josiah has a WONDERFUL heart and so much love to share with his future sibling(s)!

I love that you are opening yourself up and putting yourself out here and sharing real stories of you. I would be interested in any future series. :)


Yes, I would love to hear more "real me" stories! I have enjoyed hearing about your journey from you like this. Praying for a sibling for Josiah SOON!

Sharon Herron

I am very touched by your openess and honesty. Know it must have been difficult to come to this point in your journey. I have learned so much from your input -- please continue. You have alot to share that can educate your readers. Love to you all---hugs to Josiah!!

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