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December 20, 2009


Amy Ames

I was so happy to see these pictures. Mr. Ralph was working our camera and ran out of memory at the clapping. Josiah did a great job. HAM is right! The bow was priceless. Some of the others: Liz in the green dress with pig tails bouncing, Abby was on the right of Josiah at the start then ended up on the left. My favorite is when they see moms & dads for the first time & stop everything to wave. Miss Amy's heart was full of joy & pride.

Deb Kale

I can't wait to see the video. He is such a character. And the thing is it seems to come naturally for him.


Haha, that last picture is great! Can't wait to see the video!

Katie Tobey

oh, this was hilarious!! i loved loveed his little pose at the end. :) haha, that wass priceless, dont think these pictures will ever grow old. hhahaha. silly little boy! :) gotta love that kid. :) cant wait to see the whole performance again. and again.. and again. lol

Sharon Herron

Hmmmmm.... I seem to remember another Herron boy who when he did his first gig as the program's host in grade school bowed and blew kisses to the audience at the end of the show!

Amy Ames

LOL! I can see him blowing kisses....there's always next year.

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