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That Time Tina Fey Helped Me Pick Out Pantyhose


Years ago while working at a comedy theater in Chicago, I was activated as an understudy for a children’s theater performance the next day. This sounded exciting until I realized it involved dressing up as a pirate and I needed to provide my own pantyhose.

After working the late shift at the theater, I clumsily fumbled through the pantyhose aisle of a Walgreens at 3 am. I think my Man Card was suspended for the night.

Luckily, two co­workers from the theater walked into Walgreens and came to my aid: Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey. I wish I could say it was one of my finer moments in life but there’s no way to spin it: I was a twenty­something dude looking pathetic buying women’s pantyhose.

Tina and Rachel must have thought I was nuts and easily could have assumed the worst about me and walked away. Instead they walked toward me. Instead of talking about me, they chose to talk with me. They recognized me from the comedy theater and came over to ask what I was up to.

After I explained, Tina took a few minutes to choose just the right color and size of pantyhose for me to dress up in as a pirate the next day. Yes, it’s true: Tina Fey helped me pick out pantyhose.

Actually purchasing the pantyhose was embarrassing. The cashier stared at me in judgment. He jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst about me.

Isn’t that how we all react sometimes when we encounter something out of the ordinary without all the information? What if we chose to believe the best about the things we hear? What if we eclipsed our inner judge with a presumption of compassion?

Whether it’s on Facebook or ministry blogs, I often see critical comments left by church folk who are assuming the worst instead of believing the best. Online comment sections make me feel like a hemophiliac in a razor factory. Throwing rocks online is silly and can lead to unnecessary black­eyes within the Body of Christ.

Friendly-­fire is preventable. God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. It is always wiser to listen more than we speak. If we are unable to gather all the facts, then our default as Christ followers needs to be believing the best about people, not assuming the worst.

Believing the best can be a game changer in your life and your leadership. When we talk to people instead of talking about them, the world takes notice. Jumping to positive conclusions creates energy, trust, and forward movement in any organization. Believing the best helps eliminate gossip and unnecessary drama. And believing the best is how Tina Fey helped me pick out pantyhose.


Jonathan Herron studied comedy under Tina Fey (SNL, 30 Rock) before entering ministry. An experienced church start­up strategist, Jonathan is now the founding pastor of Life Church Michigan and author of Holy Shift.

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Tuesday Night Bible Study: Temptation

Think of a time when your sin took you where you didn’t want to go and you stayed longer than you wanted to stay.

The events related in 2 Samuel 11-12 mark a low point in David’s life. Coming off a great victory against the Ammonites and the Arameans, David finds himself in an interesting situation.

In chapter eleven, we discover that, instead of leading his army into battle, David decided he would spend some down-time while the rest of his men went out to fight on his behalf. David unknowingly found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. David’s error in judgment placed him in a situation where he would face a temptation that would lead him down a road that he never intended to travel.

By chapter twelve we see the devastating consequences of David’s sin: His life would never be the same and the nation would also suffer.

In the end, David would acknowledge his sin and be reconciled to God. Unfortunately, the consequences could not be undone. Despite being a man after God’s own heart, David could not escape the spiritual, physical, and emotional consequences of his sin.

Read 2 Samuel 11:1-24

  • How is David’s behavior different here than in previous chapters?
  • Did David consciously set out to rebel against God?
  • Sin has a way of sneaking into our lives and taking hold of us without us even knowing it. Can you relate to David’s dilemma? If so, how?

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-14

God sends Nathan to confront David concerning his sinful behavior.

  • What do you think of David’s initial response? Are you surprised at David’s initial reaction? Why or why not?
  • Once David realizes that he is the “rich man” in Nathan’s story, his attitude changes dramatically. What do you suppose changed in David’s thinking?
  • God has unique and powerful ways of getting our attention. What do you believe the difference is between conviction and condemnation?

Read Hebrews 12:4-11

  • What is the goal of God’s discipline in our lives? (See verse 10)
  • What can we learn from David’s life about sin and God’s discipline?


Like David, our spiritual lives are marked by high and low points. It is easy to walk with God when we are experiencing the high points. What do we do when we are going through the low points? What can we learn from David’s life?

Eventually, David exhibits humility and repentance. God responds to David’s humility and he is restored to intimacy with God. The consequences of his sin will still be realized, but his relationship with God is restored!

Monday Motivation: Be Direct + Be a Coach

Your job is not to make people feel good about themselves.

A fearless leader will step up and be direct, challenging their people to achieve more than they could ever dream of!




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